Life After Cancer (Lunch n Learn with the Doctors)

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In this multidisciplinary talk conducted virtually, Ellen Ronnen, MD with Betsy Dubov, RD, MS, and Katherine Schaible, MSW, LSW conduct a comprehensive review of maintaining a healthy life after cancer. Topics include:

  • The role of survivorship visits in post-chemotherapy care
  • Exercise recommendations after completing chemotherapy
  • Importance of post chemotherapy appointments to monitor for recurrence
  • Tips on healthy eating after chemotherapy
  • How to optimize one's mental health after completing cancer treatment


Resources mentioned in Ms. Dubov's talk:



  • Dr. Ellen Ronnen, Medical Oncologist and Hematologist, Regional Cancer Care Associates, Central Jersey
  • Betsy Dubov, RD, MS, Registered Dietician, Wellness Nutrition Services LLC
  • Katherine Schaible, MSW, LSW, Cancer Support Community Central NJ


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