Autism spectrum disorders

Autism New Jersey

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): what it is, diagnosis, treatment.

Autism Speaks

Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder and keep abreast of research and advocacy news pertaining to ASD by visiting this site.  You can also find health care providers, read articles about parenting a child who has ASD, connect with other families, and make use of the vast number of Tool Kits avail

Autism Spectrum Disorder – from the National Institute of Mental Health

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This comprehensive page on Autism Spectrum Disorder starts with a definition and then covers signs and symptoms, risk factors, and treatments and therapies.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia--Conditions & Diseases

The site allows you to browse by type of disease.  Once you have selected your choice, you can read more about the condition or disease: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment.

National Autism Association

Includes information about autism spectrum disorders, family support, autism and safety.

Real Life Tips for Kids with Autism

This series of videos, tip sheets, and topic-specific charts and schedules covers many of the topics that are of concern to parents who have a child with autism.

Understanding the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder can be confusing. This video provides practical, understandable information about the disorder from Jill Harris, Ph.D. the Children's Specialized Hospital Coordinator of Autism Services and parent of an adult on the spectrum.

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