General Information

Use these sites to browse for topics or search for something specific.  The reading levels of these sites are great for many kids, but you may want to ask a grown-up to read with you.

A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia from MedlinePlus

This online medical encyclopedia is written for everyone! It's a great place to browse or search for any conditions, terms, or medical procedures that you need to know more about. It also includes great pictures and diagrams. You may want to recommend this site to your parents! Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be You. Beautiful.

As a girl, you might have a lot of questions about your body, feelings, and life, but your friends might not have the information you need and you might be embarrassed to ask adults close to you.

Health and Safety from, a safe place to learn and play, is an excellent place to explore the topics of health and safety. Learn about diabetes, your body's immune system, bullying, and genetics here, as well as much more.

Health Topics A-Z from PubMed Health

Learn about health topics A-Z, brought to you by PubMed Health of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, The World's Largest Medical Library.


The KidsHealth website is the perfect first stop for kids with health, wellness, and medical questions.  You can explore a variety of topics such as different conditions and illnesses, safety, staying healthy, your feelings, health problems that grown-ups may have, and much more.  You can even br

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